Welcome To The Critter Nation
The Highest Profit Animal Welfare Fundraiser In America –94%

The Critter Nation is a nonprofit organization with the committed goal of helping animal welfare groups raise much needed money to keep their operations going. To achieve this goal, we created what has turned out to be a very successful fundraising campaign. It features a distinctive gold paw lapel pin that animal groups will typically sell to supporters for $10 or more.

NO RISK. What makes this fundraiser unique is that there’s no upfront investment for the animal groups. We’ll provide your group with the individually packaged Critter Nation pins at no cost to you. However, we do request that you return 60 cents per pin after you’ve sold them. This money is then paid forward to help other animal groups.

The Critter Nation Pin
Mona Lisa Wearing The Critter Nation Pin

To order your first 100 pins at no cost to you, just fill out the information form and send it to us. It’s that easy. The half dollar size Critter Nation pin is made of brass with polished gold plating and butterfly attachment.

Everyone who is anyone is wearing one. The eye-catching pin will let People know at a glance that you are a true animal supporter.

The Critter Nation has rapidly become the biggest success story in animal welfare fundraising. so join in on the profits today. Order Form