Welcome To The Critter Nation
The Highest Profit Animal Welfare Fundraiser In America

My name is John Zeihan. As the owner of an ad agency and a lifelong animal lover, I created what has turned out to be a very successful fundraising campaign to benefit animal welfare groups everywhere. It’s called The Critter Nation. It features a distinctive gold paw lapel pin that animal groups sell to supporters for $10. Out of that $10, the group keeps $9 – making this the most profitable animal fundraiser in the country. (By the way, the other buck goes to acquiring more pins and to keep the campaign running.)

What makes this fundraiser unique is that there’s no upfront investment for the animal group. The group pays the $1 charge for each pin only after the pin is sold, so there’s absolutely no risk. Groups typically sell the pins on their websites and at fundraising events. From our past experience, teaming up with pet stores to sell the pins is a sure winner.

If your group would like to participate and join The Critter Nation, we will gladly send you the first batch of pins – again, at no upfront cost to you. So you have nothing to lose. Simply email me directly with your info at


The Critter Nation has rapidly become the biggest success story in animal welfare fundraising. So join in on the profits today!

The Critter Nation Pin The half dollar size Critter Nation pin is made of brass with polished gold plating and butterfly attachment.
Mona Lisa Wearing The Critter Nation Pin

Everyone who is anyone is wearing one. The eye-catching pin will let People know at a glance that you are a true animal supporter.

The name and design for The Critter Nation are trademarked and can not be used without permission.